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6 July 2005 05:57
Forgot to tell you when I changed the location of the NESquiz!

New location is here ;)

The big NESquiz 1 and 2

5 May 2005 16:23
I've made a small NES game quiz. Check how many you can recognize ;)

The big NESquiz

Oh... Almost forgot... It uses the US names of the games.

New mail adress.
2 May 2005 10:57
I've gotten a new mail adress since the old hotmail adress gets spammed full every day :P

mikehaggar99 (a) gmail (dot) com

And, yes... that's mikehaggar99 in one word, no _'es ;)

Oh... And I *might* change hosting soon since the forum is hacked and I can't get in touch with the admin. If I do, you will be redirected automatically from this page when it happens.

NintendoDS Development!
27 April 2005 12:55
Yep! Xul8t0r has started NintendoDS development. Check out the NDS Dev page to see more.

GoodINTV 2.03 Released!
28 July 2004 15:59
GoodINTV was updated a almost a month ago. This one got 238 entries.

- Added special .rom format support used by some INTV emus

Get it from the GoodTools page now.

GoodSAMC 2.03 Released!
29 June 2004 18:54
GoodSAMC was updated a couple of days ago. This one got 796 entries.

- New format supported: TD0 - Teledisk, see good.doc for info
- Thanks to Chris White for all the updated years/names. Hope I got all that info correct!
- Some SAMC disks are actually in .gz format but have a different file extension, you now have to rename them to .gz in order for GoodSAMC to rename them properly.

Get it from the GoodTools page now.

GoodCPC 2.02 Released!
10 June 2004 11:46
GoodCPC was updated 2 day ago. This one got 11231 entries.

- Added all the CPC-Gooding Project files, maybe they continue someday

Get it from the GoodTools page now.

GoodGB64 2.02 Released!
5 May 2004 23:30
GoodGB64 has now been updated. This one got 15712 entries.

- Updated with SHA-1, everything else stays the same

Get it from the GoodTools page now.

GoodN64 2.02a Released!
1 May 2004 12:40
GoodN64 has now been updated. This one got 2614 entries.


- Oops.. fixed a couple of typos
- Added a few more late arrivals :)

- Some changes to detect oddsized files better (old GoodN64.db files might need to be redone)
- 'All' N64 PAL carts except a few non-English Pokemon and Star Wars are dumped (and the elusive 40 Winks). If you know of a new cart, please contact me.

Get it from the GoodTools page now.

GoodGBx 2.02 Released!
1 May 2004 12:39
GoodGBx was also updated some time ago. This one got 6933 entries.

- Complete redo of Jap names, thanks again dogfromdh
- Many name fixes using q^-o|o-^p's new tool (I hope we got all the bugs out :))
- Large update of "cart dumps needed" list
- BIG! thanks to the people spending time and money to redump carts, let's get the whole list completed!
- "rename inplace" now updates file extensions according to entries in GoodInfo.cfg
- "move dirs" works again

Get it from the GoodTools page now.

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